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19 hours ago

HOW can you illegally detain a man for 100+ days and re-arrest him!!?? With zero criminal counts on file???You not only violated a common human right but disregarded the rule of law and proceeded with revealing that Nigeria is indeed just a space!!!! Not a country!! . . This is not a MILITARY REGIME!! #freesowore #freesoworenow #yourmouthisatool ! #justicenow !

6 days ago

Diafadass!! See as I set 🥺💦 Sha Link in my bio for the new video on my channel🚨

2 weeks ago

Feeed😊🌈”breathe” ————————————— . Loool! You see this thing called “God’s timing” is one of the most underrated statements of all time. They don’t tell you the shock that comes with it nor the amount of preparedness that’s automatically accompanied by it. . Often times, the environment we find ourselves in forces us to ask questions like “God when” or “God why not me??” but the truth is, you never honestly know when. It’s interesting and scary to know that many times when we think we are ready, we really aren’t but when we think we are not ready that’s when we’re prepared the most. . I’ve come to understand that everything will eventually fall into place once you slowly start to prepare yourself for what you don’t even know yet hence the term “believe.” So far, life has taught me to never compare my timing to someone’s cause it’ll only slow down the journey ❤️ Allow yourself breathe, don’t pressure or force yourself to condone what you’ll never because you’re scared your time won’t come. Relax, allow Yourself absorb and learn from every step that brings you closer to that place you’ve always dreamed of.🌟🌈. ———————————— #workingonnewcontent !❤️🌟

2 weeks ago

If you have magic, never lose it!!!🌟✨🌈

4 weeks ago

Reflection Feeed🌟 ————————————— . I don’t know who this is for but you have to stop waiting and just go for it! Regardless of what it might be. It might look like it doesn’t make sense or there’s no positive result coming from it but you need to keep going!!! Don’t stop! Keep your head up! . . One mistake we always make is waiting for some sort of approval that doesn’t exist. Why?? It’s not worth the wait. Even if you start something and it looks like nobody is supporting, the question should be are you your own cheer leader??? Do you support yourself??. At some point it’s going to look like it’s wasted effort but don’t ever tag it as that, re-evaluate and remind yourself of how far you’ve come and how much knowledge you’ve gained from the journey so far ❤️ . . You are not alone..there’s so many of us that don’t know what we’re doing sometimes but we’ve chosen to keep going! ————————————— #youtube #notmyphotography

last month

Hey you!🙃

last month

Reflection feed🤔 ——————————— . Alright! I should be sleeping cause it’s 2:18am Rn but I’m here writing and reflecting. First of all I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that I’ve never felt this free in a long time. Free enough to speak my truth (my story post ). Free enough to have conversations about what I believe in. It’s actually beautiful! . . However, there’s so much more I want to share but I want to take them one after the other. I think it’s very interesting how we as human beings like to call ourselves grown but shy away from having adult conversations. It’s funny lol. You want to have sex with someone but you can’t have conversations around that? You want to get married to someone but it’s difficult to converse about your personal flaws?? Lol. Interesting. . . This year opened my eyes to so many things and I’m so grateful it did because I’ve come to understand that regardless of what the situation might be, you come first. Your emotions, your feelings and more should be prior to anyone’s. People would say “don’t be selfish” but they forget that human beings were created to be so in order to survive (I just learnt that too ). Life will open your eyes to so much they said, I thought it was a myth but it’s happening and I just fastened my seat belt because it’s definitely going to be a bumpy ass flight. 🤧y’all ready too???😭 ————————————- #notmyphotography

last month

You lowkey glow different when you’re pampered by the creator Himself!!! 🥺🙇🏽‍♀️🤲🏼

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ALRIGHT BABEZZZ!!!!! GIVEAWAY SEASON is upon us!!!!!!💃🏽🥳🙇🏽‍♀️ . . So, I’d be giving away one wig (full jet black braided, 30 inches” 🤪😍 ) I’m excited!!! . . To participate and win: Take a screen shot of your best part of my newest video on YouTube (hint: never settle ) with a caption from the video scene then repost on your story!! Tag me when you do so!!!( You must be a subscriber )Then also tag 3 other friends UNDER THIS POST!!!!!!!!!!!!🥳🥳💃🏽💃🏽🥳 . . . WINNER WILL BE ANNOUNCED THIS WEEK!!! GOODLUCK!!!!💸❤️💃🏽 (Shipping it immediately💃🏽💗🤪 )

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You can call me mom.💥💸💦

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Reflection feed 🚀🌟 ————————————— * Shout out to everyone who has started their own reflection feed post and goes back to reflect on them Reflection feed. * Shout out to everyone who has started their own reflection feed post and goes back to reflect on them. * Shout out to every one who has bounced back up after life throws them in the trash.. * Shout out to everyone who just took a deep breathe.. * Shout out to every individual chasing their dreams regardless of what their friends say. * Shout out to everyone supporting what they believe in. * Shout out to everyone who has picked up a camera or any recording device to create content for us. * Shout out to every individual that’s not afraid to try even if they’ve been told that they’ll fail. * Shout out to everyone that tries to prove their parents wrong because they have chosen to pursue their own path. * Shout out to everyone that tries to make a difference in this cruel world not just with they voices but with their actions.. * Shoutout to every genuine friend supporting their friends dream. You’re golden. Lastly, shout out to everyone who reads and anticipate my reflection feeds. This roll is hereby complete 🌟😁

Oct 2019

No females at the table but she just sat down!🙇🏽‍♀️🚀

Oct 2019

Reflection feed!⚜️ ———————————— Let me tell you a very short story. Grab your popcorn 🍿🚶🏼‍♀️ . . Once upon a time there was this man called Fear in my life. This man knew every single weak point of mine, he knew when and how to push my buttons unapologetically. He did this with so much pride! Fun fact is that he got satisfied every time I doubted myself and questioned my self esteem. . . I started to get really comfortable with him because i thought it was normal for someone to push my buttons the way he did. He would cover me and tell me, you are okay where you are and there’s really nothing much you can offer to the world. He would try to get in my head so I could question if my happiness was strong enough to be shared. I would fight him and tell him to allow me breathe. . We went back and forth until I decided I’ve had enough of this relationship which needed to end. It was hard! Aswerrugod! I knew it was toxic! I blocked his number but I added him back! Deleted his messages but I dug them out of the trash. I wanted to let go! I wanted to prove that I deserved more, I knew I deserved courage with a sprinkle of confidence! My heart was craving the kind of happiness that’s meant to be shared. . . Somehow I broke free, I finally left this purposeless relationship I had with fear! God came through like He always does. He proved to me that even in my sinful days, He’s watching over me like an eagle. He proved that there’s nothing to big to handle! I gave Him everything to handle and he did! . . I dunno who needs to hear this but the world is kinda waiting for you to break that relationship you have with fear! We are already so excited to see you blossom and grow from strength to strength!⚜️ your story is going to be inspirational! We can’t wait!🚀🚀🙇🏽‍♀️lets go!!!🍿 ———————————— #caramelwrites #personalblog #youarelimitless

Sep 2019

Longgggg overdue but baby I feel like a cake 😩💦😔 #rollcomplete

Sep 2019

Feeeed😤(Don’t...💡 ) ————————— Before I did my small research I had wondered what “never settle” Meant. I wondered if it was a good thing or just some random saying we millennials created. Somehow, I got to experience the true meaning and made a few points & reasons why no one should ever consider settling ❗️. . . Never settle because you’re unintentionally setting yourself up for future regrets that have been sugar coated by “potentials”❗️. . . Never settle meaning you are setting yourself above everything because you come first no matter what. Playing selfless will only leave you heartbroken and bitter because you keep expecting the same from others.. . . Never settle especially because you know exactly what you worth and won’t give anyone the chance to change the clear fact you have already established for yourself. . I’d go on and on but don’t settle, keep your standards and never lower them to accommodate someone. You deserve exactly what you can give💡 #staytrue #stayhappy

Sep 2019

You better talk to me nice boi! 👄☠️🤙🏽 ———————————— Necklace from @soufeeljewelry use CARFY15 for 15% off your order 😻 💰 #prettylittleiiinspo #soufeel #soufeeljewelry #soufeelnamenecklace #caramelsugar !

Sep 2019

feed🤔(did you know ) ——————————— Grace is one of the most underrated concept of all time. The way it’s taken for granted is not only scary but also alarming because we often forget that we did absolutely nothing to earn it. This morning I attempted to calculate all my blessings but for some reason I stopped because I figured that I really didn’t do anything to deserve one-third of what I have. Imagine for a second what would happen if we had no grace?. . . - we’d be punished immediately we sinned. - we would never get a chance to turn away from our old ways. - we wouldn’t even know what forgiveness meant.. - We would die in our sleep just by how judgmental we are to our fellow humans. - Some of us would have probably gone mute just by the words we spill e.t.c . . Sometimes I wonder how God came up with this concept, how he’s able to withstand our misbehavior and still welcome us with his open arms after we finally realize how much we can’t do without Him. Grace is Indeed on a platter of Gold for all of us and sometimes I pray we legit get to see it that way...someday... Ps: everyone has grace but not everyone carries Favour... ————————————— #myphotography

Sep 2019

Alright!! let’s wrap this summer up nicely🔅🤧 . Outfit: @fashionnova

Sep 2019

Feed 😩 ——————————- First of all, I really wish I took this photo but anyways.. Have you ever been in a situation where you just want to delete your socials, turn your phone off and just rest your head?? For a while I’ve been thinking of doing it but for some reason I haven’t just decided on when. Sometimes I feel like there’s so much more that happens in real life (the physical we see ) but we miss out on that because of how attached we are to our socials ☹️.. . I’ve had a few people say oh “you should be on here more because that’s where everybody is and it’s where everything happens plus there’s lots of opportunities ” but there’s the other side where people will say “you should drop your device and talk more to people because that’s how good memories are made” (which I clearly support ) but I can’t be the only one on this side.🤔 Wachu think?👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 —————— #notmyphotography

Aug 2019

Try not to lick your screen once more🚶🏼‍♀️💫

Aug 2019

Feed🍃 —————————— I don’t know who needs to hear this but being yourself in a world where there’s constant pressure to be someone else is not overrated!! I’ve finally come to understand that God has deposited in us every single resource we need to succeed in life but the only way to finding this resource is by focusing on yourself with the genuine intention of becoming a better version of you! . . It’s very interesting how standards are changing and societal pressures are rising! But the only way you can overcome all of this is by remembering that people never post their problems🙂! Everyone has a story that they never share which we don’t see. No doubt the internet will force you to compare yourself with someone you don’t even know or put you in a position to question yourself about thing you shouldn’t even be bothered about! It’s sad, yes! but it’s what we have to deal with. How do I escape?? I always try to remember that their timing is different! Ps; they might leave earth tomorrow or lose everything in a blink but you don’t even know this.. . . Something must kill a man but don’t let it be comparison because it’ll steal your happiness first -camsugr

Aug 2019

Worth not negotiable❌

Aug 2019

Reflection feed🍃 —————————— Currently at a point in my life where I’m not sure if I know exactly what I’m doing but I know exactly what I want to do with my life and where I want to go. It’s actually not funny but it’s interesting because every step opens up a new idea and stage of my tiny life lol. Everyday there’s pressure to become better than my yesterday self but steadily the feeling of remaining comfortable keeps coming back strong. I should be sleeping but I’m out here thinking of how to grow and better myself in every area. I don’t know but I think it’s kinda healthy🤔 🤷🏽‍♀️or no???👇🏼

Aug 2019

You wannna go to church with me now??🙃