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2 days ago

Ok, I can see how he got his lyrics this time bc it does sound very close!! 🤣 but what makes it funny is him singing it with conviction! So I'm saying, "I'm going up yonder..." and he's saying, "I'm going up beyond the..."! 😳🤣🤣 oh and Te'lor was sleeping so we couldn't get her side of things 🤷‍♀️❤

6 days ago

We had the best Thanksgiving!!! We're doing big things in the family and supporting each other is a must!! Shout outs to @creations4us_1 for these bomb T-shirts!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait get the other shirts that I want. Yall go check her out, the shirts have good messages and fit and feel great on the skin! ❤🙌🏽

2 weeks ago

Feel it, understand it, but DON'T lose it!!! ❤🙌

2 weeks ago

Screaming happy birthday to this handsome fella!!! I don't have the words but yall know what it is 🥺😭 Mommy loves you Papa Fats! My son son!! The turn up continues 🥰

2 weeks ago

This baby gone be 1 tomorrow yall!! 😢😭 I tried to be strong but my heart says gone cry girl 🤣 so just bare with me cuz I'm bout to be posting! AND I don't plan to have any more kids so I guess this is it 🥺 no more babies after him so I have to cherish both of them at these ages cuz when it's gone its gone Lord! 😔😒😩

2 weeks ago

Colorful language alert!! Afrocentials is a place were we choose as people and a business to be respectful and nothing foul or vulgar! However, I and many of you have been faced with family members or people we know having cancer, whether it was fatal or not it is forever a huge impact in the lives of the ones faced with it and their loved ones! My cousin was just faced with cancer and survived it!!! 🙌 My uncle, her dad wasn't as fortunate 😔 so when she asked me to do this mug, I did it without hesitation!! So here's to her and everyone who have in some way survived this horrible demon!!! I stand with you when you say #FCancer !!! 💪😡❤😘

3 weeks ago

Listen, add me to the @officialbonnetchronicles team today!! I had something to say in this very moment that I felt couldn't wait until I could get "cute" or whatever 😂 everything in life ain't gone be cute! This journey that I'm on and that we're all on gets hards sometimes and we need to take off the "cute" from time to time to let someone know, like sis, I'm right there with you!!! But trouble don't last always and we gone be ok!! Embrace your journey, its happening FOR you and not to you!! I love yall, thank you all for your support and love!! Stay focused and let's GO GET IT!! ❤😘 #Afrocentials

3 weeks ago

Omg!! Saint will be 12 months in 8 days 🤯 a year old people!!! Now this went faster than it did with Te'lor. I have 8 days to figure out how to get him off of me! And the past few days it seems like he's gotten more attached 😩🤦‍♀️ anyway, they're both 11 months in these pics! Definitely the same kid 😍

3 weeks ago

So, I had my wisdom teeth removed on Wednesday (don't worry, I'm not on the sick and shut in list so orders will still go out 🤣🙌🏽 ) but I'm only here to tell yall about your girl Te'lor... so the adults in our family often joke with each other and say "Ima bust yo head to the white meat" well of course Te'lor has heard it 🤣 Te'lor: Mommy, did that doctor poke your mouth and make it bleek?? (She means bleed but she's 3 🤷‍♀️ ) Me: yes he did 😩 Te'lor: aww mom... I'm gone bust that doctor up to the white 😠👊🏽 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 #thankyoubaby #shegotmyback #drinkingthatyogurt #likeshesaidsomething

4 weeks ago

The parents... 😜😘 Yesterday... Te'lor: Daddy, where's your hair Daddy: 🤣🤣🤣 Te'lor: did you take it off? Daddy: yep 😂 Te'lor: you gone put it back on?? (We laughed ) 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 kids...

4 weeks ago

These Augustine kids... ❤😍🥰

4 weeks ago

When they need you at the same time and its nonnegotiable... 🥰❤😍😘

last month

Snow White and her Dwarf says have fun and be safe!!! ❤

last month

I'm cute, but it's a struggle!! 🤷‍♀️❤

last month

This little guy turned 11 months yesterday!! I'm not even asking where the time is going right now bc at 12 months, he's OFF my boobs!! 😩 the count down begins 🤣 and what does it look like he's saying?? Caption this pic!! ❤

last month

Te'lor wanted me to film her singing a song for you all! 🤣 she put on her good get up and Saint even doo wopped in the background for her!! These kids Lord!! 🥰

last month

We need your help again!! This time its Donnie McClurkin's song and of course I know I'm right but Deante also thinks he's right and Te'lor just lives here 🤷‍♀️ yall please tell us what I already know!!🤣🥰

last month

What's a photo shoot without my main guy!! Crushing on my kids day! ❤ #butthatseveryday

last month

Quick lil Te'lor shoot one time for the book and gram! 🥰

last month

When Te'lor was born I wore my timeline OUT posting her!! But since Saint was born I've been busy with other things but when I say he is something else, I mean just that!! He is such a joy and gets into everything!! Whoever told me that boys are different, they weren't joking!! 🤣 he's now 10 months and has been walking since 9 months and seems to be growing at a faster pace since he started walking! He is a STRICT mama's boy. He loves daddy but where's mommy!?! 🤣😩❤ I love you Saint! MY SON yall!!

last month

Oh how I love tea!! And I love the fall and winter because I can really enjoy it and as much of it as I want!!! But like with other drinks you can't just drink any old thing!! You have to drink the best of the best! Shout out to my boo @osoglamgrind for the best tea EVER!!! I have been getting my entire life with her tea! So many healthy benefits and it tastes so good! She even has lots of recipes and different ways you can make your tea and jazz it up to have different experiences with your tea!! Go to @osoglamgrindllc and click the link in the bio to get your tea now!! ❤🥰😘

Oct 2019

I love arts and crafts! It helps to relieve stress... when I feel overwhelmed DIY's are a nice get away, even from work! But as you can see, Afrocentials is everything to me. It even ends up in fun "no work" projects! What yall think about these Afrocentials mugs?? Comment "Yes Please 🙋‍♀️" below if you would want one! ❤

Oct 2019

When he sees this brush, he knows what time it is 😩🤣 like dang! Hair day? That's today?!? Yes sir, even daddy with no hair gets a little oil ran across that bald head!! 🤣🙌🏽❤ we do hair round here #Afrocentials

Sep 2019

So I missed national daughter day 😩 and now its national son day! But I can't post him without posting my main girl so this is national kids day for me!! I love you Te'lor and Saint!! I wouldn't be a mom without either of you! I do it all for you 2!! ❤