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2 days ago

AD @fashionnova There isn’t any situation I want to revisit or anyone I’m curious about. I’m ready to come home to one person for the rest of my life 💭

4 days ago

AD @fashionnova Toxic people will try to make you think you’re holding a grudge. Nah, that’s a boundary 😐

2 weeks ago

I've been a #teamipartner for years now and just realized my tumblers had a secret compartment 🤣 But fr though, my go-to product is hands down the @teamiblends detox and let me tell you why bitch. I don't like sticking to some shit meal plan and when the holidays come around, I actually want to enjoy myself without worrying about if I’m going to feel bloated and uncomfortable later 👏🏽 This tea seriously helps me feel my best. I've talked about this program PLENTY - what's stopping you from trying it?! You can get yours for 30% off right now when you use my code: 30BRITT at checkout #thankyouteami

2 weeks ago

AD @fashionnova Problematic, but make it fashion 👠

2 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

It's wild to think I've been a #teamipartner for 5 years now!!! Y’all know I love their teas but I've really been feelin their clean skincare too! The @teamiblends detox mask honestly has became a staple in my routine 👏🏽 I noticed a difference in my texture and redness the first time I used it and I have been hooked ever since. Now I use it once or twice a week to keep my skin looking flawless and smooth 🤩 And you know I got a special hook up 😌 You can use my code: BRITMASK to get a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE detox mask right now! Hurry though because it wont last long! You can always use my code: 30BRIT for 30% off after the sale though #thankyouteami

4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago

AD @fashionnova You can collect your favor when the clock strikes kiss my ass 🕰

5 weeks ago

AD @fashionnova I spend the majority of my time either at home, or with the people in my life who bring me the most peace. I don’t care about being in the mix, forcing conversation, or pretending to like individuals who don’t even like themselves. Solitude is great for self-reflection and selfies 😂☑️

last month

last month

AD @fashionnova I have no desire to rebuild bonds I didn’t break 🌚

last month

There’s plenty of fish in the sea but most aren’t worth catching 🤐 Wearing @luvlashesco in “Laila”

last month

AD @fashionnova I’m not looking for love, I’m PREPARED to love. There’s a difference❗️

last month

last month

AD @fashionnova Bitches got a problem line em up like I cut hair 🤢

last month

The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do. You’re welcome 😁 Wearing @luvlashesco in “Kim”

last month

AD @fashionnova At this point ladies, you gotta just save yourself 😂🇺🇸⭐️

last month


last month

You ever see someone and think wow...your face would look better between my legs 💭

last month

AD @fashionnova Self-respect is prioritized above my actual feelings. I could think the world of you and you never hear from me again 👋🏽

last month

AD @fashionnova Stop asking why I’m single. I don’t ask why you’re unhappily in a relationship living a lie 😂

last month

AD @fashionnova You underestimate the power of the dark side 🕷

Oct 2019

Mood cause we’re in New York with it for @rollingloud !!! If you see me you better mf SPEAK 🙄

Oct 2019