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Yes !! Play-along-with-Bri ! ! ! Have fun, folks !!! 💥💥💥💥 And if you post an overdubbed version with you singing or playing on it with me ... tag me so I see it - OK ? Bri

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Simple wisdom. Lockdown lore. Art by @jurassicanna - fast becoming one of my favourite artists. CoronaVirus Covid-19 is reshaping our world, and humans, quite adaptable creatures, are beginning to find rainbows in the darkness. Bri


Honoured to be a part of this. Chicagoans, WE ARE WITH YOU ! #chicago Bri


Some lovely BriArt to make us smile. I’m privileged - these works are precious. Big thanks to all of ya. I hope the credits are all I ya t and will lead folks to your doors, dear artists. And as always thanks to @sarah_rugg and @_seventhmoon_ for collecting many of them. #dontstopusnow —- Bri


I gotta say - dear @julio_9773 - this warms my heart. Nice work !! #dontstopusnow —it’s Saturday Nite ! Keep rockin’ out there folks — AT HOME !!! 💪👍🎸 Bri 💥💥💥💥and if you’re out there Julio - let me know where you are .. OK ?


#dontstopusnow !!! I’m liking this ! A new spirit is definitely emerging !!! I need a proper handle and credit to put on this ... please ! 💥💥💥💥 he’s HERE - @elchelistaoficial . Thanks Mr Chelista !!! Great job !!! Take care out there. No matter where you live —- take the initiative to protect yourself and your family NOW. Don’t wait for it to be ‘policy’. Bri


#VELVET is OUT !!! That Voice in a Billion, @adamlambert delivers a tour de force. Click on Adam’s Bio to secure a copy !!! Bri

2 days ago

The Shadows excited and inspired us all when I was a teenager. I haven’t attempted this old school method of multi tracking for over 50 years. Me and my pal Dave Dilloway used to do this stuff together using the tape recorders of the day. Dave is sadly long gone now, but I have his acoustic guitar thanks to his kindness - the one I used on “The Night Comes Down” and “Jealousy” among others. Tonight instead of a tape recorder I recorded my rhythm part on the lap top - and then played along to it, live into the iPhone camera. Fun ! Who needs multitrack machines ?!! This tune is intriguing to me because it’s a minor melody played over a major chord sequence. Hank Marvin’s delivery was always incisive and immaculate. The sound inimitable. I learned so much from him. Bri

2 days ago

I was very taken by this !! Very enterprising - beyond what I’d expected. THAAANKS @leofreiremusic So ! The possibilities are endless !!! Bri

3 days ago

I’m highly honoured. Some natty editing here too ! Keep spreading the love ! Ciao !!! Bri

3 days ago

Killer Queen solo, anyone ?!! A slight variant ? Frank Zappa once told me “There is no such thing as a mistake - if it’s your performance of your own stuff, who can tell you it’s wrong ?!! “ My advice ? “Always keep a sense of humour - you will need it !” And here endeth the 6th MicroConversation - it is it the 7th ? Goodnight folks - or Good Morning ? Hang in out there. Bri

3 days ago

It was very moving, I thought. You can’t hear a lot in this clip because annoying people parked overhead in a helicopter ... but later in you can hear the cheering ...

3 days ago

Ready at my front porch !!! Are you gonna do it ? Clap for the NHS ? At 8pm !!! Now !! Let’s go for it. My street’s pretty deserted, sadly, because of all the basement-building ... maybe I’ll do it from my roof !! But right now I can see a beautiful New Moon and sparkling Venus !! Can you see them in my picture ? Go see ! Quick !! We’ll all be looking at the same lovely scene ! That’s our bonus !!! Cheers - and GOD BLESS all of you are working to keep the NHS rockin’. No words can express how much we all love you for your bravery and dedication. Bri

4 days ago

Don’t even THINK of watching this if you’re not interested in guitars, Queen music , or musings on the CoronaVirus. This is the conclusion of my MicroConcert of last night - which veers off into a Star Lick tutorial. And some noodling. And some concluding thoughts about the situation we’re all in, as humans, right now. THANKS so much for the comments you’ve sent me about these guitar Microcosms - it’s actually taught me a lot in terms of what I have to offer and what I might be doing with it in order to maximise its effect. We all need to be aware of the effect we have on those around us - if we have time to stop and listen. We all need a mirror. Take care dear folks - Bri

4 days ago

Wonderful poem by Kitty O’Meara - glimpsing the future context of the CoronaVirus pandemic. This poem is already deservedly viral, but I’m happy to add to its outreach. The lady who wrote it, I have learned, lives in Madison Wisconsin, and seems like a great, warm person. As well as deeply inspired. This work resonated perfectly with me, having realised a few days ago that apart from killing and hurting humans, almost everything the virus is bringing to the planet is beneficial. It’s sad to be reminded so clearly that most of what Mankind has done to the planet is bad. All hail Kitty O’Meara !! Bri

5 days ago

How the guitar part goes. Of course I don’t sing it ! Someone else does that ! But you guys can this time ! The slowed down version comes next ! Take care out there ! Bri

5 days ago

Grateful for my roof and my feathered friends. And for another sunset. And for the music of the Drifters. “Up On The Roof” was written by Gerry Goffin and Carole King in 1962, and became a big hit for the Drifters ‘on both sides of the Atlantic’, as they used to say. Hang in out there, folks !!! Bri

6 days ago

Thank you _seventhmoon_ —- What a lovely visualisation - wish I looked half as good as this !! What a great talent you have. And I’m honoured. As I write, I am in exactly this position ! I was thinking, for tomorrow’s MicroConcert, of .... KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE ?!! Does that ring any bells folks ? Bri

6 days ago

I’m not an immunologist - but anyone with even a scant understanding of logic and statistics has been feeling angry and anxious this last 3 weeks. These are my thoughts - I hope they are helpful. My heart reaches out to those already directly suffering from the effects of the CoronaVirus. Our Spanish friends are now in the heat of the battle, as we in Britain will soon be, barring a miracle. God bless ya - be strong and be careful. Vaya con Dios. Folks everywhere - our miracle will come - but we need to help it happen. We need to buy time - and the closer we get to a Nation where every household is isolated from every other - the more time we will buy. Remember not to expect things to change immediately - turning this thing around is like trying to make an ocean liner change its course - you have turn the rudder and then wait until it slowly responds. But we can do this. Be safe - and let’s be grateful we have a chance here. And let’s still try to enjoy each day we’re given. KEEP CALM AND CREATE !!! #dontstopusnow Cheers - Bri

6 days ago

WANNA BE IN THIS VIDEO ? I’m so excited to finally be able to share this clip - the first glimpse of the coming Summer’s greatest cheer-up song-and-dance !! GET UP ! This is #kingsdaughterss - their debut single to be released soon. I’m proud to say I co-wrote and produced the track - unusually “UP” for me ! The wonderful energy and joy comes straight from these girls, who are about to burst onto your screens and into our lives. Lord knows we need some joy !! But here’s the fun part - they’re asking YOU to contribute to the video for the song. Here’s the moves for the chorus - as you can see, there’s room for improvisation around the theme ! So - Hey ! GET UP and send us a video of you doing the Get Up routine, and you may find yourself in the finished work !! Send your videos to info @kingsdaughters .net by 6th April. More details on the kings Daughters website. GO !! GET UP !!! Bri

1 weeks ago

I was talking at the beginning, but I think you can have too much talking !! Hope you’re OK out there and working on the acceptance and courage thing - the Serenity Prayer (previous post ) which I find to be so powerful. Some of you asked for this tune - Last Horizon - and this time - for the first time - up very close and with no backing ... hope it tickles your fancy. OK !! Ready for another week’s bad news ?!! 😝 let’s just accept for now. I still feel anger at the timid and slow way the pandemic has been handled - but anger gets me nowhere. We just have to smile and live another day to the full. We can’t be just postponing living till the CoronaVirus has gone. Postponing the OLD way of living - YES !! Love to you all. 💥💥💥💥 Just want to say thank you all for your amazing response to my micro-concerting activities. I never expected such a great connection. It’s inspiring to me. Your comments are shaping me - making me understand better what I have to offer. And it makes me feel useful !!! 😌 Bri

2 weeks ago

The Serenity Prayer. Still the most powerful tool for steering a path through adversity. Before you turn the page, read it once more. Bri

2 weeks ago

Dear humans. Apologies if this is not the uplifting stuff we all need to hear these days. There are times ... By watching TV, I meant “watching TV NEWS all day”. I should also probably explain that my word ‘jolly’ means ‘optimistic’. It’s very important to keep optimism alive in ourselves and others, but the enormity of the battle ahead of us requires us to pause and, with some humility and sobriety, make sure we get our priorities right. Be safe, Folks. 💥💥💥💥just realised I overran my 60 seconds so the end of my message didn’t transmit. I was saying we can’t afford any complacency because it is those dismissive denials which will prevent us winning the war against this monster that is among us. But only if we let them. 💥💥💥💥 Just one more thing. Finally, finally, we have some serious measures in place in the UK. But, folks, do NOT wait for Mr. Johnson to tell you to cut down your physical social interactions to as close as humanly possible to ZERO. Do it NOW. STAY HOME - and KEEP EVERYONE ELSE OUT. Protect yourself, your family, and all the rest of us too. —- Bri