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Oh the duality of man.

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3 days ago

Yall ever wake up to messages like this? #savemulenge #savecongo #saveafrica

6 days ago

#savemulenge #savebeni #savecongo #saveafrica #ibelong #webelong ‼‼We refuse to remain silent any longer ‼‼ #jesuismulenge #jesuisbeni

6 days ago

‼‼‼‼CALGARY EDMONTON AND SURROUNDING AREAS‼‼‼‼ This human rights day, join the peaceful protests against the atrocities taking place in Congo. #savemulenge #savecongo #saveafrica #ibelong @amnesty @unitednations @unesco @humanrightswatch

2 weeks ago

We need to stand together now more than ever. We can't allow this to keep happening all over our country, together we must shout, till the Congolese government, till munesco , till the @unitednations finally hear our cries. Too many lives have been lost. #savecongo #savebeni #saveafrica

3 weeks ago

Whenever we think we've advanced as a species. That we've learnt from our past mistakes, that somehow, through trial and error, we have found the best way to be. To exist. That we've reached the peak of our existence perhaps. When these thoughts begin to surface....Inhumanity will stare us down, will lift its bloody hand to choke and threaten the life inside of us. To threaten our humanity. Are we really all that different from animals? Perhaps, if humanity doesn't make us human, maybe our bone structure does. Maybe, we've made it too complicated a definition and in reality, humanity is measured by the colour of our skin. Perhaps, the harsh laws of nature still apply to us. Only the strong survive. Only the heartless will live, because love is a weakness. Perhaps, us overgrown primates have blitten off more than we can chew. If perhaps, we submit to the degradation of our oppressors, if we identify with their insults.... Rats. Cockroaches. Dogs. Maybe @peta will intervene. Maybe then, you will care for me. Dear international community, will you care for me? Dear Congo, why won't you care for me? #savemulenge #whatishumanity #mylifematters #ibelong #webelong

last month

I pray you never have to see your siblings like this. Your mother. Your father. I pray you never have to go through what we are going through. I pray humanity finally learns from the past. Never again should have been a promise. A vow. Not a figure of speech. Everything helps. Everything is appreciated. Link in bio. Otherwise, contact me for more information. #savemulenge 🇨🇩 @unitednations @amnesty @globalnews @cbc @cbcottawa

last month

As the ottawa banyamulenge youth, we are urging you all to come join us peacefully protest the atrocities being carried out in congo. We must not be passive, we must not be silent. Our passivity makes us complicit. Let never again mean never again. November 11th, 2019. 4pm. Parliament Hill. #savemulenge #savecongo #saveafrica @amnesty @cbc @cbcottawa @cbcnews @unitednations @justinpjtrudeau @theellenshow @justinbieber @redcrosscanada

last month

CALLING ALL RESIDENTS OF OTTAWA/GATINEAU/QUEBEC AND SURROUNDING AREAS🗣🗣🗣🗣 THIS MONDAY WE PROTEST THE ATROCITIES BEING CARRIED OUT IN THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO Join our peaceful protest for justice. For the sake of humanity. For the sake of the broken. The dying. The suffering. This is not about politics, every human being has the right to life. @amnesty @unitednations @theellenshow @cbc @cbcottawa @lp_lapresse @justinpjtrudeau #savemulenge #neveragainshouldmeanneveragain #standupforjustice

last month

" We don’t get to choose when we ‘remember’. We always remember. We have to. It’s how we survive in this world.....This one's for the nameless, faceless, restless, that don't sleep. There’s no rest in our beds, no comfort when we weep. We make our beds where we dig our graves. Bullets in our backs, still babies in our backyards. The shattered glass in their cribs, bullets between their ribs, could never reflect how this world has broken us. As we come, we return, to the earth, just another tragic carbon story." So when will never again actually mean never again? All we have left to hand down is trauma, already well versed in unwanted. Yet still we dare to hope. Where do we belong? Here. We belong here. http://mulenge.blogspot.com/?m=1 This is 'never again' all over again. #wearenotdisposable #ndumunyamulenge #IBELONG #savemulenge @unitednations @humanrightswatch @amnesty