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Sep 2019

"ImMA kEEp shOwIN lOVe..🧡" . . . . . #explorepage Pc: Liiks

Jun 2019

"Brown sugar bABe.... " ✨e18hTeeN #plussizemodelkiai 😂 . . . . . Throughout my years of victories and failures, I've only learned how to love and to be loved. Thank God for that n Thank God to all the people who played apart in that.

Apr 2019

"oooh I wanna dance with somebody✨..." S/o to my date for dancing with me! bEst gROup #amesgang 💨 #NBa #finishthelyrics

Jun 2018

"You n me will always be tight, family every single day n night..." F.O.E💜 #mybigolcircle

Jul 2017

"Blessing on Blessing on Blessing.💫 Look at my life man dats just lessons on lessons."💯

Jun 2017

"They are my FIRE, my desire..." ♨ #manaacademyambassadors #dance