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Para los que gusten aprender, este disfraz fue inspirado por Janet Jackson en el video "What's it Gonna Be?" de Busta Rhymes. Aqui va mi version - pero con musica de Young Thug - pura diversión 😆 La musica es vida 🎶💜 Gracias infinitas 😘 @m .z.g por las flikas 📸 A la siguiente, videos por favor 😝

last month

last month

I am that, I am

Sep 2019

"I saw all the mirrors on earth and none of them reflected me...” Jorge Luis Borges . Or his other quote that said something like mirrors, where the ego goes to stay. . Anyway, when you catch that reflection ya betta tell yo self hola 😘 muñeca or muñeco, whichever applies muñec @s 💜 . This here is to progress, this here is just cause. #progreso #pocoapoquito Los adoro cariños, one 💕 . simple

Sep 2019

Sep 2019

Da con el corazon lleno 💕 Give with a full heart . I learned of this one tradition...after all the homies picked and threw my tall ass cousin in the air, they carried him into the restroom and stripped him (well almost ). His wife then went in to save his day 😆. Gracias por la paciencia familia, espero mis fotos les regale una sonrisa ❇ #fotosdoneanddelivered

Aug 2019

cuentas claras, amistades largas ❣ la vida es simple, la vida es bella

Jul 2019

naturaleza . corrects excesses & compensates shortages . . . . . . . . 📷 en el corral de mis abues 6/27/19. 7am.

Jun 2019

Thankful for real true friends . . . . . . . credit: a cynthia cervantes story repost 💛

Jun 2019

🎶🎤 ya llego el verano ya llego verano y nos volvimo' a ver, tra tra, quero ma' 🎶

May 2019

ahh ahh...nop

May 2019

Las adoro loquillas 😘

Apr 2019

esta noche @ east room. mis respetos 🙏🏼 #sheago

Apr 2019

ardore melodico

Apr 2019

Lee Fields & The Expressions with some " It Rains Love" (album ) blessings at Thalia Hall... oOOoEeee 🙏🏼 #blessed #specialnight #agradecida #itrainslove #blessedwiththebest #wakeup

Mar 2019

mi phat tues 🖤 #cherish . #makeyourdreamscometrue . #liberate . #thebestisyettocome . #gratefulheart . #blessed . #beenyears . #gema /s . #beyou . hugshugshugs. much love x respect . Thank You!

Jan 2019

🌌 BoOOoOGiEeEE 🌌

Jan 2019

Pink Siifu . . . . . . . 🎼decisions ova jerk chicken (guitar by slauson malone ) *i dont own the rights to this music but artist is aware 😊

Jan 2019

Dec 2018

Grace is the life of the lifeless. The master said : "untangle the knots and soften the glare." Connect with your inner source of light, may it radiate with grace. Its that inner grace that gives you joy. I find myself at a time of grace in my life and heart, and so I give thanks. Mi vida es hermosa. Grace is mine through the ups and downs, as it resides in the heart it is never lost. 🌞 Let your appearance reflect your inner worth. Exercise valor, grace, elegance, be brilliant. Invigorate the strength that drives you forward. Work hard and keep your pride out of the way. Maintain a high standard of quality. Be excellent to each other. Trust. Choose original. Be clear and pure. Co-operate with the ongoing process of change. Be gentle and supportive. "When one is at ease with themselves, one is near Nature." That journey leads to sustenance. Let the natural process find its own way. If its meant for you, it will come in its own time. 🙏🏼 Focus on truth, authenticity and the discovery of real fulfillment. Open yourself to deep powerful change, reach in that inexhaustible nourishment from deep source, always towards authentic expression. 💖 I wish you all the very best as we prep to enter MMXIX.

Dec 2018

🌹 It was an honor, and I am grateful to have shared this journey with these women of authenthic courageous spirits. 🌹 One more step and we LMT's. I posted one review but well over 80 completed in the course of this program. I love [😒sometimes 😝] honest fearless feedback, the only way we get to transform. A chiropractic Dr and teacher told me I was "more of a surgeon." (? ) I had some funny ones too, such as "luhv'd it, felt like water." 🤔😶🤣 Then there was that one call - I was told - "Oh if there's no more available sessions its ok. The last therapist [me] left me good for the next 5 months." Hmm maybe not a good idea for my pocket thO, jk! 🤗 Humbling experience and so much more to learn. "Si la educación no sirve para hacerte humano, esa educación no sirve." Signing off, tu niña dotada. 🙏🏼

Dec 2018

sueña conmigo 😌 them keys thO reminds me of a cancion en español but can't put my finger on the sample damn it! That Trojan Horse track thO! 🤣

Nov 2018

all these birthday and anniversaries got me feelin all types a ways...sinceramente simple real y vital, amor 🎼 credit(o ) al, the alchemist(a ). el bohemio y yo folkore. 1111

Nov 2018

mmhmmm. 🐂's one sexy smoove cute dance havin' fOnky groovestah! absolutely a marvellous nite. chilled and blessed. #toroymoi #hegetsit #weinnittogetha #positivity #indawordsajdillaallsgood this live performance thO, sing ta me baby! 😂 weak blurry vid but front roww experience. 😍