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Let me tell y’all a story so before I got with my fucking baby🥰 I stop believing in love I never thought I would fine love again because I was looking in the wrong place💯 but when we started to be come friends and start FaceTiming 24/7 I started falling for my erk ball🙈 shit i didnt wanna tell him because I thought it would fuck up our friendship🤦🏽‍♀️ but he took his shot and shit I was jumping around and all 😂😂 but he didn’t know that after that I was happy again this boy changed my life I tell u he made me fall in love again I only was in love one time in my life into I found him 🙈 Shit yea we go though our up and downs but trust me he not going nowhere he my first and last I’m telling u 💍 I love you baby u my everything I don’t give a fuck what anybody have to say he was here though up and down when we broke up he still was my bestfriend when I needed him he still came going though this health problem he been there when he couldn’t make it to the hospital he was otp with me the whole time making sure i was good y’all don’t understand when ur heart get broken and u keep getting it broken then u fine somebody that just love u for u and and just wanna make sure u good and make u laugh and smile again uhhh it’s the best feeling this boy my bestfriend my soulmate and my lover all in one I love you Baee @bts_bug 🥰💍💍😍😍 #relationshipgoals #bae #lovestory #youtubecouples

Aug 2019

It’s a hot girl summer so you know I’m going be lit 💕🥰🥵🥵

Aug 2019

Obviously for my hotel party 😘. NO WALL HALLING ! If you can’t have fun DON’T COME ! NO DRAMA . Or you leaving beat up🥵. IM 20 BITCHHH ! *tmdm ! For hotel address 🥵.* don’t come if you going to be hugging on the wall my nigga😂 . FOOD & drinks☺️ will be Provide... August 16th , :start @10 over when I tell you bitches leave 😂 . Everybody not staying at my hotel ! Only a few so bring ya tooth paste and tooth brush bitch😂🤢. *just in case ! Wash up when you go home. Ohhhhh and if you stinkkkk YOU GOTTA GOO😭🤢. My room not rey be smelling like y’all 😂🤦🏽‍♀️. I promise you we won’t be hot 😂😂😂😂😂😂💯. Y’all just better wash up thank youu PLEASE COME OUT😘

Jul 2019

I’m not even going lie my heart is broken i miss my Cuzin/brother and I hope my god brother is ok but everybody keep telling me to my head up On god I’m trying 🤦🏽‍♀️💔🥺

Jul 2019


Apr 2019

I can take ur nigga or bitch if I wanted to 🥰☺️

Mar 2019

It’s getting hot 🥵🥰☺️ If I pull a u on u what would u do??🤷🏽‍♀️

Feb 2019

Wanna learn how to twerk ??🤷🏽‍♀️ well now you can I’m having classes for anyone that wanna know how to twerk ages 14-40 don’t matter if u have a little or a big ass long as u know how to work it and I’m going help u don’t be shy we going have fun hmdm for more information 😏🥰😝 #twerkthatass #twerkclass #twerkqueen #likethis #comment

Jan 2019

Florida was so much fun i can’t wait to go back 🤤🥰💦 #like

Dec 2018

Merry Christmas 💕🎄🥰🤤 Say it back🙎🏽‍♀️🤪

Dec 2018

Yo my mother got me dead 💀😂😂😂 @theyh8 .me._ @queen .staa @brownskined .bbyy @0nly1briaa @queen__yonna @powermojo .z @__prettylevels

Nov 2018

Making bitches mad just by showing my face 🤔🥰💕

Nov 2018

Book me y’all I told y’all I do hair🙄😘😝

Nov 2018

Just wanted to post myself 🤤😘💕

Oct 2018

Something new you like🤤😘😍

Sep 2018

Why you single girl??😮🤷🏽‍♀️

Aug 2018

I really like this picture idk why but like my shit bitch 💕😘💋

Jun 2018

I did it 😌 i want to think everyone for coming out to see me i love yall class of #2k18 😘❤😉

Feb 2018

#school 🙊😊😍👑❤

Sep 2017

I think i want a middle part again😍😊💦😘

Sep 2017


Aug 2017

I need to do my hair But😍😘💦🔥💍

Mar 2017

#bcw 😍😘🌍💦💯

Jan 2017

#old Me & my God sister 💍👑😘💯