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Oct 2016

My sister is my best friend, my soul and the best part of me❤

Aug 2016

I remember this day we were happy with you by my side, look at that beautiful soul full of joy and smile...right now your no longer with us, where will i see that smile again? Who will come home to cheer me up? Kay umeniacha....kay hukuchoka kunisikiliza ata kama nilikuwa naongea ujinga...ulinipokea kwa moyo wote...kay saivi haupo 😭😭😭😭ukende you're my sister and kila aliekuwa Katika part of your life was blessed by you ...May your soul rest in peace, may we meet again...we love you #RSL

Jan 2016

TGIF @chrstyne

Jan 2016

❤❤❤ @velchar

Dec 2014

big shots...beautiful day👌👌👌