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"Life: it goes on." Chondrosarcoma Survivor 3/25/2014🎗💜 Titanium Hipster 7/13/2016 💪🏻🤘🏻🖖🏻 Zombie Hip 5/25/2018 🧟‍♀️ Microbiology Associate I🥼🧫🔬 🍻

@_._.fisher._._ photos and videos

Dec 2019

Such a genuinely fun time with me and my science queens #teamMicro plus my OG/OT Queen Steph and ofc Avery 🥰

Sep 2019

Got that elote, a great night out with beautiful people, a great time apple picking in the Hudson valley, and a homemade Dutch apple pie crumble along with mini ones. An amazing weekend and a great hello to fall and its festivities. 🥰❤️🍎🍁 • • • #hudsonvalley #applepicking #elote #tacos #applepie #friendships #hurdsfamilyfarm #hudsontaco

Sep 2019

“....what da heyll?” I SWEAR I’m a good influence 😂😂 lil girl didn’t give me up so easily, either #partnersincrime

Aug 2019

Here are some cool videos and photos of what we saw along the way to and in the Simien Mountain National Park as well as in Lake Tana, near Bahir Dar. Beautiful views at ~3600 m (~10,800 ft ) high with deep valleys and gorges. I caught some nice clouds rolling in from a thunderstorm along with some views of the road to get there and in the park from a trail we took. Also got some great hippos saying hello from Lake Tana. You can also see some indigenous Gelada baboons goofing around accompanied by my laughs and Greg’s account of some silly baboons not making it followed by a small “fight” by two male leaders of different troops. It was also pretty cold up there and quite literally and figuratively took my breath away due to the beauty and lower oxygen levels being so high up. 😜 Definitely a wonderful experience and something you’ve gotta do and see for yourself. • • • #ethiopia #baboon #hippo #laketana #simienmountains #bahirdar #gondar #trails #wildlifeconservation #mountains #studyabroad #visionsglobalempowerment #sunynewpaltz

Jul 2019

Can I just say how much of a glow up this drawing has done? #tbt to sophomore year at newps when I realized I was really able to draw. Here’s the new portrait, same size scale and everything, based off the original picture. I wanted something sort of surreal. It’s not perfect but it’s a lot more along the lines of how I wanted it redone. Eh, there’s always room for improvement. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I also suck at drawing teeth as much as I suck painting them on my face lol • • • #scaleddrawing #drawing #charcoal #selfie #skeleton #glowup

Jun 2019

You can’t go overseas without taking some time out to explore national parks, hike beautiful trails, climb on buses, and have fun with new friends. Also cannot go to the Cradle of Humankind and NOT see THE Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis ) in person! That would be like committing high treason to every biologist, anthropologist, evolutionary scientist, and paleontologist ever. Also can’t forget to take a picture with cows because I freaking love cows so much. This trip included seeing the cities of Bahir Dar, Addis Ababa, and Gondar. We also climbed the Blue Nile Falls, Mt. Entoto, and went into the Simien Mountains in their national park (baboon photos later ). An interesting blurb about the castle photographed: the Empress Mentewab served as a powerful queen although the people hated her at first as she was a foreigner. After having cured Emperor Bakaffa of malaria, he knew how smart and powerful she was. He made the people accept her and she even had her own castle built that mirrored that of a king’s complete with a sauna, and many other things deemed necessary for a king. There, she led many programs for women to learn how to do things themselves, for themselves and their families, as well as teaching them medicinal things. #womenempowerment • • • #ethiopia #gondar #simienmountains #simienmountainsnationalpark #addisababa #bahirdar #lucy #visions #visionsglobalempowerment #bluenilefalls #mountentoto #cows

Jun 2019

I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to have come on this trip. As someone who believes that education should be accessible to all, I’m so thankful I was able to come to Bahir Dar and really put my beliefs and words to work. There’s also more than just teaching kids about bacteria and vaccines, it was the joy of seeing them intrigued, wanting to learn more, and seeing the mental click or having activities go according to plan showing that they understood. I loved coming here and wish it was longer. Just another reason for me to come back! 💚💛❤️ • • • • #sunynewpaltz #visionsglobalempowerment #visions #bahirdar #ethiopia #teaching #deafcommunity #education #educationwithoutborders #deafstudies #immunology #vaccines #microbiota

May 2019

Ya girl finally did it. 💪🏻 F I N A L L Y . To get here from orientation in August of 2014 was no straight line path; it was probably the farthest from it. Nothing ever goes easily for me! If anyone who’s close to me and knows me personally notices, I don’t have every person who helped make this possible for me pictured because of a last minute medical emergency but everyone is ok. * ** I’ve lost family members, friends, friends from my cancer community, and parts of myself (quite literally 😂 ). But I’ve gained who I am and the real knowledge of who I want to be and do in this world. I’ve gained lifelong friends who I’m eternally grateful for. I’ve gained people who’ve helped change me, direct me, and help make me into this person of who I’m able to be. My amazing professors and friends made this all so worthwhile, as well as the great experience I’ve gained working in a lab over the years and leading clubs on campus. I’ve learned that the only obstacle in life is me telling myself that something isn’t possible. And as Audrey Hepburn says: nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.” #sunynewpaltz #classof2019 #graduation #undergrad #bachelorspoilers #biology #deafstudies #spanish #neverthelessshepersisted

May 2019

An anecdote from a small group of selective introverts, as per Gemma, Hailey, and myself: it sure sucks that you’re just now getting to know a great group of people before packing up and graduating. Dang man. Just getting ready to walk (hopefully not trip ) across that stage. Cheers to the good times, hard times, friends made, and possibilities ahead. #pc on the sign to @kris10_cubillos Also, can I just talk about how proud I am of @sarahve19 for making it and making it so successfully? It’s so crazy to have witnessed you grow and become who you are. It all started off in a club on campus. So mind blowing. 💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡💙🧡 #npsocial #newpaltz #sunynewpaltz #seniortoast #seniors #graduation #classof2019 #undergrad

May 2019

I’ve spent such a long time working on this research and there truly has been a change in my posters over the years. I’m so glad I was able to go to two conferences so far and present. I have my last undergrad local conference today and it’s so bittersweet. I’m happy to tell all about my research to previous professors and friends of mine, but I want to keep doing it forever!!!! 😫 it’s so funny how this research journey began, how much it taught me, how much it’s changed me, and how deeply I fell in love with it. Here’s to the SUNY New Paltz SRS today at 4 and many years more of me having a vitamin D deficiency from being in a lab too long 😂 #sunynewpaltz #npsocial #srs #undergrad #research #researchposter

Apr 2019

I am so extremely happy that I got to see some pieces of art as well as personal belongings of one of my heroes. Frida Kahlo is someone I’ve looked up to dearly. Her exhibit of personal items, works of art I’ve never seen, and just doodles touches me so dearly. Appearances can be deceiving.... after my cancer diagnosis, one of the many things I’ve heard so often was, “wow! You didn’t LOOK like you had cancer!” Or, “you don’t even look sick!” As if someone with cancer is supposed to look a certain way. 🙄 Her life and battles with illnesses were not the easiest; for this and for her will to fight back against not only herself/own body and other overarching issues in society and personal life, I salute her. She loved New York but scrutinized both the extreme poverty and richness she saw which still exists today. I feel now, more than ever, her thoughts and scrutiny are so very relevant. #fridakahlo #brooklynmuseum #frida #kahlo #art #mexicana #mexicanartist

Apr 2019

I’m so happy to have helped lead this #DKMS bone marrow drive. It wouldn’t have been possible without everyone in the picture, and a few other people unable to stay in the photo. I’m glad to say we crushed our goal and were able to register 71 more people yesterday. It’s truly great being able to give back and do something for the cancer community you’re a part of, especially since I’m not allowed to register because of my #chondrosarcoma history. #Cheers to a great end to a rocky day and to a few more months with this wonderful Eboard. ❤️ @dkms_us #bonemarrow #bonemarrowregistry #npsocial #npbioclub #sunynewpaltz #newpaltz #cancercommunity

Apr 2019

SWAB-EMENTE!!! SWAB-A ME QUE QUIERO SWAB YOUR CHEEKS!!!! We reached our goal of 50 people swabbed today!!!! 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 #dkms #bonemarrowdrive #npsocial #sunynewpaltz #bioclub

Mar 2019

Today is a pretty big day. This day, 5 years ago, I went in for my last craniotomy (they actually went in through my nose ) to remove the Chondrosarcoma that had been ruining my life for 17 years. I’ve since remained cancer free but have had a multitude of other issues because of my treatment: strabismus, cross bite, a hip replacement, and core decompression. Cancer has also given me a multitude of crazy stories to tell. 🤪 It’s almost unbelievable that I’m already 5 years cancer free and that it came so quickly. This is a big year in the cancer community, especially for slow growing cancers like mine. This year also marks my college graduation and hopefully a start to my career. I’m happy I’ve come so far with many supporters and professionals who made my life possible. I thank you all for your support, even if you think it was nothing. Cancer changed my life for the good and the bad. Regardless, here’s to the future. 🍻 🎗💜 #cancer #chondrosarcoma #survivor #cancerversary #cancersucks #cancersurvivor #warrior #fuckcancer #cancercommunity #cancerawareness

Mar 2019

I mean it when I say blondes have more fun. 💁🏼‍♀️ #backtoblonde #blondie #blonde #fun thank you @andreavascue

Mar 2019

Hey guys, I would very much appreciate any and all donation/shares for this. Being able to finally go abroad after being medically cleared and not having to spend a summer in the hospital is so unbelievable, it seems unreal. Im going to muster together as many funds as possible and probably take out more loans but any help at all is needed and appreciated. Please help me help people and enjoy the start of my young lifetime. ❤️ my link is in my bio 🥰 #gofundme #donation #studyabroad #deafcommunity #ethiopia #empowerment #suny #sunynewpaltz #education

Feb 2019

Crazy, clingy, coo coo Cookie 🐩 #poodle #pet #dog

Feb 2019


Jan 2019

Ending 2018 and beginning 2019 with some of my favorite people. I wish I was able to get everyone in the photos but 🤷🏻‍♀️ #2019 #newyearseve #family

Dec 2018

Le Fishers #merrychrysler #christmas #holiday

Dec 2018

As many of you know, this past summer, like many summers before this since my CS diagnosis, I was facing a serious operation with a tedious recovery. It was the first of its kind for #nyulangone at #Huntington and because of how brave my doctor and I were to do this, we were featured in an article with the hospital. I’m so happy to have been able to speak so positively on behalf of my amazing #orthopedic #surgeon . I also hope that people also suffering with this illness see that there are more options than a replacement; I also hope that people see that a cancer survivor’s story or struggle doesn’t always end at the diagnosis or treatment. Such as in my case, iatrogenic diseases such as this one, are a result of medications or other supplementary treatments and give those of us another battle to fight and hopefully win. I hope you all have a good read and understand how helpful this can be to others suffering with what I had. The link is in my ig bio! #avascularnecrosis #avascularnecrosissurvivor #osteonecrosis #cd #coredecompression #chondrosarcoma #herestostrongwomen #cancer #cancersurvivor #cancersucks

Dec 2018

Who hates my round face more than me? 🌝 Probably nobody but hey college proofs are here. Here’s to many dollars of debt, x years of my life lost to stress, and only one more semester of undergrad after Tuesday. I’ve honestly had a crazy ride with classes, research, friends and “friends,” health issues (shout out to the fake hip, zombie hip, and crooked eye ) and a piece of paper to prove I did it all. I’ll be graduating in May of 2019 with a BA of Biology with two minors in Spanish and Deaf Studies. I’m also hoping to attend at least 3 more research conferences so I can school some post-docs on my soon to be speciality. 😏 before questions are asked, I’m not sure what I want to do yet but I know my life will be largely academia-based. I plan on working in a lab for a while before going off to grad school to either get a doctorate in immunology/virology or going to a Pathologist Assistant program and becoming one. Or both. Who knows? All I know is that eventually I want to teach and give hope and ideas to whoever my future will rely on. #herestostrongwomen #stem #stemgirls #2019 #sunynewpaltz

Dec 2018

As a former #WishKid , I’d like to take this opportunity to upload a selfie of me and some memories from my wish with @krystalfisherx3 and @podkim so @subaru_usa will donate anywhere from $1-$100,000 for every selfie with a wish kid tagged #sharetheloveselfie and @makeawishamerica This is only until December 10th! If you have a selfie with me or any other #WishKid , upload them to help grant a kid’s wish ❤️💜💛 #makeawish #selfie #donation #seattle